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   A great deal of careful thought created the most luxurious model in the new Rover range. The aim – to design a car which would anticipate every wish of the discerning driver.

   In its appearance alone, the Sterling is the finest expression of Rover elegance. The distinctive styling is accentuated by a choice of four tasteful two-tone paint treatments, with gunmetal grey finish to the lower body sides, whilst alloy wheels remind you of the handling finesse which complements the power of the V6 engine.

   Once on the move, each wheel is monitored by microprocessor intelligence of a very special kind. A sophisticated anti-lock braking system provides the split-second control which can help you to steer out of trouble when you need to brake hard on a slippery road.

   Inside the beautifully crafted interior, advanced technology takes care of the most everyday tasks for you. Once you’ve made yourself perfectly comfortable at the wheel, and adjusted the electrically controlled seat and door mirrors to your liking, you will never have to bother to do it again. A built-in microprocessor makes a note of your driving position and will recall it for you, re-adjusting every setting automatically at the touch of a button. So if you can be persuaded to part with your car toanother driver, be reassured that it will never forget you.

   You will find a warm welcome on the most freezing mornings too, with a heater element in the driver’s seat to take the chill out of those early starts.

   Naturally, Rover Sterling passengers also receive VIP treatment. Like the driver’s seat, the front passenger seat can be effortlessly adjusted fore and aft and for height and recline

Inset to main picture: Air conditioning, trip computer and vehicle map.


by electric control; fine adjustment for comfort in the small of the back is provided by the electrically inflatable lumbar support. And in the back, passengers can settle down for the trip by just touching a button to recline the rear seats. Even after the longest journey, you may be reluctant to leave the Rover Sterling’s opulent environment, with seats faced in the silken softness of Connolly leather, and sumptuous shag-pile rugs.

   The perfect accompaniment to the Rover Sterling’s quiet and rapid progress is in-car audio designed for the most demanding music connoisseur. The system does full justice to your metal tape recordings, and will seek and find the next track on command. In the front or the back you will get equal enjoyment from an eight-speaker system, with the two rear coaxial speakers incorporating both tweeters and mid-range/woofer units. Together with a high-power amplifier featuring bass and treble controls, the result is hi-fidelity of a breathtaking quality.

   The pleasure you derive from this magnificent Rover will remain the same regardless of the extremes of climate in which you need to travel. On the most scorching day the interior remains a cool and calm world of its own, with the luxury of air conditioning perfecting the rarified atmosphere of the ultimate luxury car.

   Cruise control is available at extra cost whilst black or clearcoat metallic paint finishes and five-speed manual transmission are no-cost options.

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LH picture Rear seat adjustment and electric rear window controls.
RH picture: Electric front seat adjustnmient controls.