1986 Launch


   A new Rover has a tradition to live up to; and a promise to fulfil. It is a tradition which has been proved across decades; on the racetrack and the rally circuit; and in the successive generations of distinctive and desirable cars which have borne the proud Viking ship badge.

   The promise of a new Rover is unique and exciting. It must continue and develop an engineering pedigree which is second-to-none. One which innovates, not for its own sake, but with the simple aim of enhancing the comfort and pleasure of driver and passengers. The Rover principle is to seek continually for still more effective solutions – solutions which must represent engineering brilliance. At the same time, the smallest details are subjected to the most sophisticated development in the rigorous pursuit of excellence.

   Power with refinement is the Rover hallmark. Always, the high-performance capability is engineered so that it can be used wisely – and enjoyed to the full. Careful attention to chassis design means that dynamic handling and roadholding are accompanied by outstanding ride comfort. The same thoroughness endows every Rover with luxury that is impressive yet discreet; tastefully at one with the car’s character.

   Above all, the Rover marque reflects the individuality, the style and the purpose of the driver.

   Take the wheel of the new Rover 800 Series designed, developed and built in Britain. You will appreciate that the tradition continues; the promise has been kept.

1986 Launch

   Styled to achieve a perfect balance of form and function, the sculptured lines of the Rover 800 Series are both elegant and highly aerodynamic, with a drag coefficient ofjust 0.32. On long motorway journeys
you are certain to appreciate its ability to waft you along with exceptional quietness and economy. Detail touches such as that neat angle to the boot lid giving a clean break-away of air from the rear of the car – also play an important part in the new Rover’s arrow-straight stability.

   Inside a passenger lounge of impressive proportions, the traditional beauty of fine wood veneers and the softest, most luxurious upholstery create an atmosphere of unparalleled quality. Every conceivable refinement is at your fingertips, from a heating system which caters for rear seat passengers, to in-car audio which will tempt you to take the longer route to the office. At the wheel, you’ll immediately
recognise the wraparound cockpit layout of the ultimate driver’s car – an open invitation to a motoring experience of a new and exhilierating kind.

1986 Launch


   At the heart of the Rover 800 Series are two new engines – each with the classic four valves per cylinder design and the precision of microprocessor-controlled fuel injection; pedigree power, with an immediate, rewarding response.

   The two-litre 16-valve engine delivers eager acceleration through a smooth-changing five-speed manual gearbox. Capable of a top speed of over 125 mph* the Rover 820i and 8205i will reach 60 mph in under 9 seconds* – all with an ease and quietness which understate the reserves of power at your disposal.

   Drive the Rover 825i or the Rover Sterling, and you will discover the immense flexibility and refinement of the 24-valve 2.5-litre V6. With four-speed automatic transmissionT incorporating a torque converter lock-up to eliminate power-wasting slip, effortless performance is accompanied by exceptional fuel economy, whether you are gliding through city streets or down the motorway.

   The new suspension system, with double wishbones at the front, combines taut handling with unruffled ride comfort, negotiating the tightest corners and the roughest roads with the poise and agility of a
sporting thoroughbred. Making light work of manoeuvring, the power-assisted steering has also been designed to give you precise and positive feedback at speed. Powerful all-round disc brakes, ventilated at the front, are well-matched to the performance potential.

Manufacturer’s data.
Five-speed manual transmission is a no-cost option on the Rover 825i and Sterling.

1986 Launch