25 Years Of The Rover 800 Coupé

In 100 years of the Rover Marque, it is hard to find an equal to the 800 Coupé. Described by Austin Rover as “a car with a special sense of occasion, a certain degree of indulgence, even a delicious hint of extravagance”

Rover likened the Coupé to such magnificent vehicles as the special-bodied Rover Meteors of the early 1930s.” 25 years have proved this statement to be true; the 800, a masterpiece in understatement has improved with age and is fast becoming the thoroughbred classic car to watch as respects collectibility and desirability.

The Coupé was created entirely in-house by Rover designers and although it has a clear family link to the Rover 800 saloon, the two door Coupé has a number of unique style cues which emphasize its exclusive nature. The frameless side windows, the body-coloured screen pillars sweeping into the roof and the rakish rear quarter treatment all contribute to the sophisticated and distinctive persona of the Coupé. The roofline and front wings are tastefully lowered emphasizing the cars overall sleek appearance. Despite this, the Coupés salubrious interior is expansive to say the least, with no compromise on passenger space, legroom and storage.

Even by today’s standard, the 800Coupé is a very capable and satisfying car to own and drive. A true British Grand Tourer that is at ease on the beautiful country lanes of the British isles, around the bustling Market Towns and busy Cities. You will find the car to be equally relaxing and comfortable at cruising speeds on the nations motorways.

It has been said, the reason German Autobahns have no restriction on speed is to ensure drivers do not have to endure the seats of a European vehicle any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Owners of the 800 Coupé will be in no such rush to leave the opulence of their motor vehicles cabin. The sculptured 800Coupé seats are very likely to be the most comfortable you will ever sit in, the climate control perfectly balanced for driver and passenger well-being. Indeed, the 800 interior is a most agreeable space to be.

Whatever version of the 800 Coupé you have selected; the willing performance of the two litre Turbo Vitesse or Sterling, the delightful Rover two point five litre V6 or the powerful two point seven litre 24-Valve engine ownership of an 800 Coupé is rewarding and exciting.